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Innovative Brewing: Exploring the Advantages of Variable Capacity Tanks

May 19 2023 VIEWS:215

Innovation is the key to success, and this holds true for brewing as well. With the increasing demand for craft beer and unique flavors, breweries are always on the lookout for new ways to produce high-quality brews. One of the most exciting innovations in recent years has been the introduction of variable capacity tanks. These innovative vessels offer a range of benefits over traditional fermentation tanks, allowing brewers to experiment with different techniques and achieve exceptional results. In this blog post, we explore everything you need to know about variable capacity tanks and how they can help take your brewing game to the next level!

What are Variable Capacity Tanks?

Variable capacity tanks, also known as variable volume tanks or VC tanks, are a new type of fermentation vessel that allows brewers to adjust the tank's volume based on the amount of liquid being fermented. Unlike traditional fixed-volume tanks where the size is predetermined and unchangeable, these innovative vessels feature an adjustable lid that can be raised or lowered to suit your needs.VC Tanks come in various sizes ranging from small 50-liter units suitable for homebrewers up to large 10,000-liter commercial brewing systems. These flexible containers offer precise control over temperature and pressure during fermentation and allow brewers to experiment with different techniques without needing multiple vessels.The main advantage of using VC Tanks is their versatility. They can store both wine and beer without any adverse effects because they have no headspace at all times. This means you don't have to worry about oxidation or spoilage when transferring liquids between different-sized storage containers.Variable Capacity Tanks provide a cost-effective way for breweries to produce high-quality brews while saving space in their facilities. Whether you're an experienced brewer looking for new ways to improve your operations or just starting out in this exciting industry, investing in VC Tanks could be one of the best decisions you'll ever make!

Variable Capacity Tank

How do Variable Capacity Tanks work?

Variable Capacity Tanks (VCTs) are a type of wine storage tank that allows for greater flexibility in the winemaking process. Unlike traditional fixed-capacity tanks, VCTs can be adjusted to suit different batches and volumes of wine.The key feature of VCTs is their floating lid, which sits on top of the wine and can be raised or lowered depending on how much headspace is needed. This means that if you have a smaller batch of wine, you can simply lower the lid to reduce the amount of air contact with your wine - something crucial for maintaining flavor and preventing oxidation.Another essential component is their inflatable gasket sealing system which helps create an airtight seal between the tank wall and lid so oxygen cannot enter inside during fermentation. Additionally, temperature sensors are often installed into these tanks enabling winemakers to monitor temperature changes during fermentation.Variable Capacity Tanks give winemakers more control over their production process by allowing them to adjust volume levels as needed without sacrificing quality or taste.

Variable Capacity Tank

The Advantages of Using Variable Capacity Tanks

Variable Capacity Tanks have become increasingly popular in the brewing industry due to their many advantages. One of the main benefits is that they allow for greater control over the fermentation process. By adjusting the height of the floating lid, brewers can vary the amount of headspace in the tank and therefore regulate both temperature and pressure.This flexibility means that brewers can experiment with different styles and ingredients without having to invest in multiple tanks or equipment. It also allows for more precise monitoring of each batch, which can lead to better quality beer overall.Another advantage is that Variable Capacity Tanks are often easier to clean than other types of vessels. The lack of corners or seams means there are fewer places for bacteria or yeast to hide, making it less likely that contamination will occur during cleaning.Variable Capacity Tanks are often more cost-effective than traditional stainless steel tanks because they require less material and manufacturing time. This makes them an attractive option for small breweries or homebrewers who want a high-quality product without breaking the bank.There are many reasons why Variable Capacity Tanks have become so popular among brewers today – from greater control over fermentation to ease of cleaning and cost-effectiveness. If you're looking to up your brewing game, investing in one (or several) may be a great place to start!

How to Use Variable Capacity Tanks

Using variable capacity tanks is a straightforward process, but there are some important steps to follow to get the best results. Firstly, ensure that your tank is cleaned and sanitized before use, as any residual bacteria or contaminants can affect your brew's quality.When filling the tank with liquid, leave enough headspace for fermentation and expansion. You should also take into account the temperature of the liquid—higher temperatures cause more gas to build up inside the tank and may require more headspace.Once your brew has fermented, it's crucial to monitor its progress by taking regular measurements of sugar levels, acidity levels, and pH. This information will help you adjust any necessary variables such as temperature or agitation speed.Before bottling or transferring your beer from the variable capacity tank, make sure that all excess sediment has been removed by racking it off into another container first. Clean and sanitize your variable capacity tank after every use to prevent contamination.By following these simple steps when using a variable capacity tank in brewing you can achieve consistent high-quality results in each batch of beer produced!

Variable Capacity Tank

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Variable Capacity Tanks

To get the most out of your variable capacity tanks, it is important to follow some tips that can help you optimize their use. First and foremost, make sure you choose a tank size that fits your production needs. If you are producing small batches, don't go for a large tank as it may lead to incomplete fermentation or oxidation.It's also essential to properly clean and sanitize the tanks before each use. Don't forget to check for any leaks or damages in the tank during cleaning. This will ensure that there is no contamination of your brew.Another tip for getting the most out of variable capacity tanks is to monitor the temperature regularly. Temperature control plays an important role in brewing process since too high or too low temperatures can affect yeast activity leading to off-flavors and aromas.Additionally, consider investing in good quality accessories like inflatable lids and pressure relief valves which can help regulate oxygen levels inside the tank, prevent spoilage microorganisms growth and reduce risk of explosions due to overpressure.Keep track of all data from previous batches such as time frames, temperature changes etc., this way you will be able easily troubleshoot when things go wrong next time around.By following these tips, variable capacity tanks can become an efficient tool towards achieving high-quality results with less stress on both yourself and your product!


Innovative brewing techniques like the use of variable capacity tanks have revolutionized the way beer is made. With these tanks, brewers can now control and adjust fermentation conditions to achieve optimal results.The advantages of using variable capacity tanks are numerous. Apart from providing flexibility in batch sizes, they also allow for better temperature regulation and reduced oxygen exposure during fermentation. This ultimately leads to higher quality beers with improved flavor profiles.Using variable capacity tanks may seem daunting at first, but with some practice and careful attention to detail, any brewer can master this technique. By following the tips outlined in this article, you too can get the most out of your variable capacity tank and take your brewing game to new heights.If you're looking for a way to improve your beer-making process or simply want to try something new, then investing in a variable capacity tank is definitely worth considering. It's an investment that will pay off in terms of both quality and quantity – so why not give it a shot? Happy brewing!

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