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What are the factors that affect the bitter taste of craft beer brewing equipment?

Jun 26 2024 VIEWS:8

What are the main factors that affect the bitterness of beer? Today we talk about craft beer brewing equipment

(1) Add proportion The higher the proportion of hops added. The more bitter it is. If the hops have the highest A-acid content, then the beer will taste more bitter with the same proportion of additives. In addition, due to different raw material quality (mainly leaching rate), different honing effect will have different hot wort yield. If the actual yield of hot wort is much lower than the theoretical yield of wort calculated by material balance, the same proportion of hop addition is equal to increasing the amount of hop addition, and the degree of wort bitterness is correspondingly greater.

(2) The better the degree of pulverization and dispersion of hops, the hops resin in the hops is easy to leach, disperse and isomerize, therefore, the proportion of wine pollen and hop particles added should be lower than the proportion of whole hops added, otherwise, it is easy to occur bitter situation.

(3) The pH and boiling strength of the wort The pH of the wort is high and the boiling strength is large, which will make the bitter resin more effective isomerization, so. When the pH of the wort is high and the boiling intensity is large, if the hop addition ratio is not adjusted accordingly, the wort and beer will be bitter, but the addition of hop boiling at high pH conditions will make the bitterness more vulgar.

(4) Adding method and adding time If a large proportion of hops is added in the early or middle of the boiling process, it is easy to cause bitter taste, and the time of adding hops is biased before the boiling process, it is easy to cause bitter taste.

In addition, if the last hop addition is used in a high proportion, and cannot be separated in a short time during the filter or clarification process, it will also make the wort bitter. For factories using wine pollen (or particles) and vortex tanks, care should also be taken to control the standing time in the vortex tank, otherwise it will make the A-acid in the last added hop. At high temperature, it further isomerizes and dissolves, increasing the bitterness again.

(5) The degree of wort gasification strong oxidation will make the cold-acid contained in the hops rapidly oxidized and dissolved. The solubility of the oxidation product of picric acid is higher than that of isoa-acid, and it has a strong bitter taste. Therefore, if the acid content of hops is higher, the wort will flip more strongly during boiling, and the bitterness will be increased under the conditions of high temperature, opening, and long time.

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