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How to choose the material of Pipe Chain Conveyor equipment?

Oct 24 2023 VIEWS:56

Introduction to Pipe Chain Conveyor

Pipe Chain Conveyor In recent years has been recognized by the market at the same time, there are many customers for its material selection is not very understanding, the main material is mainly used carbon steel and stainless steel, of course, for the food industry there are other types of materials. The scope of application of these two materials is not the same, directly affecting its cost, here to explain how to choose these two main materials, can effectively control the cost.

When most customers consult our products, they are most concerned about the price, so they generally choose carbon steel as the main material of Pipe Chain Conveyor. The main structure of our products is the pipeline, the main material occupies a higher proportion of the cost, which is the reason why most customers choose carbon steel as the main material, but carbon steel is not universal, we also need to choose the appropriate material according to the actual characteristics of the material.

From the scope of application

First of all, from the scope of application of the two, stainless steel material is definitely wider than carbon steel material, carbon steel material is versatile, stainless steel material is versatile, although there is only a word difference, but the scope of the two is completely different. With the development of China's manufacturing industry, the types of materials transported by various industries have gradually increased, which includes a lot of acid-alkali corrosive materials, carbon steel material although can continue to transport these materials, but limited by its own material problems, carbon steel is easy to corroded over a long period of time, it can be seen that the choice of carbon steel material to transport this material is not to reduce costs. Stainless steel itself is a corrosion-resistant material, and the scope of application covers most of the materials in the industry. Therefore, when choosing which material, we can not care about a single cost, but also consider the characteristics of the conveying material and the sustainable production in the later period.

From the installation environment

Secondly, we consider whether to choose carbon steel or stainless steel from the installation environment. These two materials are not large in terms of transportation efficiency. The transportation efficiency of our Pipe Chain Conveyor is affected by the diameter of the pipe, which has nothing to do with the material, which is also a problem that many customers will inquire about. In our actual cooperation with customers, a small number of customers transported materials without acid and alkali corrosion, directly on the selection of carbon steel material, our staff to the site inspection only to find that the production environment of these customers is not suitable for the use of carbon steel material, here for everyone to answer questions. From the installation environment, we consider not only the material, but also the production environment of the equipment itself. For example, some chemical and metallurgical industries use more sulfur-containing materials, the production environment of these industries is high acidity, this situation even if the transport is non-corrosive materials, from a long-term perspective, we also recommend that customers choose stainless steel material, because light equipment damage, heavy cause safety accidents. Sometimes our customer's Pipe Chain Conveyor is installed outdoors. If it rains, the rain will also have a certain impact on the equipment made of carbon steel.

Therefore, our conclusion is that if the conveying material is non-corrosive and the production environment is not in the condition of corrosive gas, Pipe Chain Conveyor made of carbon steel is suitable, so that the input cost can also be reduced in part. We still recommend that you choose stainless steel Pipe Chain Conveyor.

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