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What are the structural characteristics of Stainless Steel Storage Tank?

Aug 22 2023 VIEWS:122

Stainless Steel Storage Tank has a wide range of uses, it involves the industry of food and pharmaceutical, brewing dairy industry, chemical industry.

What are the structural classifications of stainless steel horizontal storage tanks?

Horizontal storage tanks are long containers used to store crude oil, vegetable oil, chemical solvents, water or other petroleum products. Horizontal horizontal storage tanks are composed of end caps and horizontal round or oval tank walls and saddles, usually used in production links or gas stations. The volume of horizontal storage tanks is generally less than 100 cubic meters, and it is generally round, oval, and other irregular shapes.

A long container for storing crude oil, vegetable oil, chemical solvents, water, or other petroleum products. It is composed of end cover and horizontal round or oval tank wall and saddle, usually used in production links or gas stations. The volume of the horizontal storage tank is generally less than 100m3, and it is generally round, oval, and other irregular shapes. There are many types of horizontal storage tanks, which are divided into:

1, semi-underground horizontal storage tank Semi-underground horizontal storage tank refers to the horizontal storage tank buried depth of more than half of the tank height, the highest oil level in the horizontal storage tank than the lowest elevation of the adjacent area is not higher than 2m horizontal storage tank

2, buried horizontal storage tank Underground horizontal storage tank refers to the maximum oil level in the tank is lower than the minimum elevation of 0.2m in the adjacent area, and the thickness of the soil covered on the top of the tank is not less than 0.5m horizontal storage tank. This type of horizontal tank has low loss and low risk of fire.

What are the characteristics of stainless steel water storage tank:

1. Stainless steel water tank has the advantages of beautiful appearance, light weight, low cost, long life, simple installation and wide use.

2. Health, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, thoroughly reflected in the sun to absorb heat, internal does not breed algae, at any time to ensure clean water.

3. Stainless steel water tank is equipped with air filtration and inspection and cleaning manhole, anti-poisoning and locking device, to protect the water source from secondary pollution, is the world's best water storage equipment, stainless steel water tank is the best choice for living water tank.

What to pay attention to when using stainless steel water storage tank:

1. Stainless steel tank has strong corrosion resistance, which is not corroded by residual chlorine in external air and water. Each spherical tank is subjected to super pressure testing and inspection before leaving the factory, and its service life can reach more than 20 years under normal pressure. Mind you, under normal pressure!

2. Stainless steel water storage tank has good sealing; The sealed design completely eliminates the intrusion of harmful substances and mosquitoes in the air and dust, and ensures that the water quality is free from external pollution and breeding of red insects.

3. Stainless steel water storage tank should pay attention to the selection of reasonable lifting parts during the transportation process, lifting equipment can only use brackets, tanks or hooks to force, do not allow clips, nozzle and other weak parts or packaging bottom drag force. During the lifting process, the equipment should not collide with other objects, and should be handled lightly. When the stainless steel tank enters the installation station, it should be smoothly hauled, and unsafe methods such as rolling and prying should not be adopted.

4. Stainless steel water storage tank should be paid attention to in the process of storage, it is best to store indoors, and pay attention to cover when storing outdoors to avoid the sun and rain and human percussion. Winter should pay attention to check whether there is water, so as to avoid freezing damage, for the stainless steel tank or polymerization kettle equipped with mechanical seal, the sealing part should be doubly protected and kept clean.

How to choose used stainless steel storage tank?

What technical requirements should stainless steel storage tank meet

Characteristics of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

What technical requirements should Stainless Steel Storage Tank meet

Characteristics and structure classification of Stainless Steel Storage Tank

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