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Jacketed kettle Tank application and precautions

Aug 01 2023 VIEWS:459

Jacketed kettle tanks are widely used in the processing of various foods, and can also be used in soups, stews, congee, etc., in large restaurants or canteens. It is a good equipment to improve the quality of food processing, shorten the time and improve the working conditions. Do you know how a Jacketed kettle Tank works?

Jacketed kettle tanks use steam at a certain pressure as a heat source (or electric heating). Jacketed kettle Tank is characterized by large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short boiling time of liquid materials, and convenient heating temperature control. Jacketed kettle Tank is used in acid-resistant and heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel, equipped with pressure gauges and safety valves, for aesthetic appearance, convenient installation, easy operation, and safe and reliable.

Connect the power supply and add thermal oil. After using the Jacketed kettle Tank, scrub the pot. When discharging, first inject thermal oil and turn on the power (press the previous step). When the material reaches the required temperature and is scheduled to be heated, turn off the electrical switch, close the oil injection valve, tilt the Jacketed kettle Tank, rotate the handwheel, and unload the tilt pan. After the operation is completed, check the heat transfer oil capacity to avoid dry burning and damage to the equipment, replace it every three months, and use it once each time. Before using an inclined Jacketed kettle Tank, check that the rotating parts are well lubricated and add oil in the oil cup.

A variety of heat-conducting oils are available in Jacketed kettle tanks. When purchasing heat transfer oil, you need to consult the heating temperature of the heat transfer oil in the store. Generally speaking, the applicable temperature of durable thermal oil is generally about 200-380 degrees. The quality of thermal oil directly affects the heating speed of Jacketed kettle Tank and the service life of heating tubes, so try to choose a reliable supply.

There are many kinds of Jacketed kettle tanks, such as electric heating, steam heating, gas heating, etc. Electric heating is the favorite method of heating for many customers because it is simple and convenient and can be used by simply turning on the power supply. More and more sterilizing POTS are being used

Jacketed kettle tanks have clear classification and different overall structures. For example, the fixed type is mainly composed of the pot body and supporting feet, the inclined type is mainly composed of the pot body and the inclined frame, and the stirring type is mainly composed of the pot body and the stirring device. Although the classification and structure are different, the function and effect are basically the same, which is also the most important in safe use and operation. In order to ensure the safe use of Jacketed kettle Tank, we should master the following. Let's go into the world of Jacketed kettle Tank and understand the safe use of Jacketed kettle Tank.

Do not approach the machine except for personnel who have received education and training in mechanical residual hazards and hazard avoidance.

Please entrust a professional company or machinery factory to carry out mechanical transformation. Modifications to the safety of operators or machinery, changes in operating procedures and methods of operation may result in damage and mechanical damage.

Please check regularly whether all safety devices are working properly.

If you find that the safety device is not working properly, please inform the management person, do not perform mechanical operations.

Before pressing the start switch, make sure that no one is in the danger area.

When the machine stops for unknown reasons, please find out the reason and restart it with the permission of the management person.

If the switch category fails, the machine must not be started until it is repaired.

The operator should immediately stop the machine, and report to the management of abnormal sound, vibration, temperature, load and other signs of damage safety, and conduct appropriate treatment.

After the operation is complete, please clean and clean according to the requirements of the instruction manual.

Jacketed kettle Tank plays a very important role in the use process, but in the use process, it is necessary to carefully understand the safe use of Jacketed kettle Tank to avoid many dangerous things.

Here's a look at Jacketed kettle Tank. I hope that through the above content, everyone has a better understanding of Jacketed kettle Tank products.

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